Autumn Leaf Wine Charms

Let's kill two birds with one stone this year and make personalized wine tags that can double as place cards!

A leaf template
Shrinky dink plastic
Hole punch
Colored pencils
Toaster oven
Hoop earring blanks (found in any craft store)

Print out your template and place the shrinky dink plastic over top, shiny side up. Trace the shape with your Sharpie, then print the guests name in the center.

Using the hole punch, punch a hole for the hoop to slide through later.

Cut out the shape then color the rough side with colored pencils, acrylic paint also works for a more intense color (water it down a bit)

Place onto a piece of parchment and pop into a 300 degree oven for about 1 minute as it shrinks then let cool. You can press it flat with the bottom of a drinking glass if you'd like, but I like the edges curling a bit for this leaf shape.

Thread the hoop earring into the hold and place onto the stem of your wine glasses before you set the table. Cheers!



  1. Very cool! I need to get over to Michael's today and get the stuff for these!


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