Back to the real world, a mom's life

Well, we survived Disney with three boys! Though it was exhausting, I have to say coming home to dishes, laundry, vacuum, cooking, and homework is almost more than I can bear! I dreamed about my computer while we were gone and craved to get back into my studio to finish those frame orders that were piling up, but once I got home I had so much to do to catch up with life. Never mind time to work on my business!

I am slowly entering into my own business, but home responsibilites take center stage. I can work on my orders AFTER all the chores are done. Hmmmm, didn't my husband just get up the next morning and drive to the office to comb through the emails and job responsibilities in peace and quiet? I've tried to catch up this week amidst fighting kids, a needy dog, kissing boo boos, and piles of laundry.

It's chaotic and frustrating to try to juggle all this... but also rewarding. I'm doing it! It seems impossible, but it's happening and I'm loving the new motivation. Loving getting back in touch with my creative side and making art again. Let's see what happens - after the laundry is done.

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  1. Good luck on embarking into your new path. I hope you will find it to be an immensely rewarding journey!



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