Coffee anyone?

I just got back from the best time! A friend of mine invited several girls over for coffee and asked everyone to bring their newest project to share with the group. We all arrived with computer print-outs, knitting patterns, scrapbooks, photos, jewelry, cookies and shared and laughed. It was so great to be together with friends and learn something new.

Did you know how easy it is to make a delicate knit scarf? Or a purse out of capri sun pouches? Can you believe the detail in scrapbooks or how healthy irish soda bread is? Most importantly, it was affirming to sit around and feel completely normal as I discussed my obsessions with angels and shrinky dinks!

I think the sharing coffee break should be held on a monthly basis...maybe I'll be next. Until then, I'm off to catch up on orders and answer emails, do the laundry, sweep the floor. You know the drill.

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  1. I'd love to get coffee with a creative bunch... but I think I have to take up knitting or something a little lighter. :-)


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