Whew! I got busy with the holiday and haven't been able update this space in awhile. I finished the huge 24x24 inch frame and I was very pleased.

I love to hear back from my customers, it's so validating! Look:

"Dear Jen, The frame is absolutely beautiful. I have it hanging up already and it looks perfect. Tomorrow is my son's 6th birthday and we will be having his party on Sunday. I am so glad that I received it so quickly so that it is up for the party. Thanks so much for completing it so quickly. It is truly one of my favorite things in my house!!! I will go on E-bay and add my comments to your feedback. Thanks again, Stephanie"

I blog all the time about the laundry and all my other responsiblities, and no one is writing letters of thanks for mopping the floor! So, this is why I started making art to sell again... I'm smiling...

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