Snow day

Question: What is the easiest way to mess up the newly clean house and work your pants off without actually accomplishing anything? Answer: Snow Day!

Here in Pittsburgh, we have ANOTHER snow delay and my three boys are bouncing off the walls! It's 9:42 am and they have already played video games, watched TV, ate breakfast, rollerskated in the basement, played spy, and planned a play that involves me making Spiderman, Sandman, and Green Goblin costumes!

I, on the other hand, have a frame order to get out by tomorrow and lots of dishes, laundry, and sweeping before I begin. I think I mentioned before I always give a "mom time" estimate as to how long it takes to finish a frame. It's 3 days in "mom time" which might take the average person 3 hours. Thankfully, most of my customers are moms and they've been there or ARE there!

Baby Bella's frame is finished and looks sweet as can be, I included a photo above. My HOPE series is next in line, though my idea notebook is overflowing. I have to pick from the list and get started or I will just get overwhelmed.

Oh, by the way, I ruined two canvases trying a new technique for my nude series I talked about earlier so it's on hold. As soon as my ACEO supplies arrive I will begin those, and keep watch for an angel photography series I'm working on.

Happy Snow Day!

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