Easter and the Lemonade Stand

I'm up and on here early this morning because it's set to be "one of those days" around here. You know the kind of day when you look at your preschooler's calendar the night before and realize the Easter Party you volunteered to coordinate is a week earlier than you planned? That's not even a hypothetical, it really happened.

So, somehow in two hours I got my things around for the big Easter party today and then shopped for all the Easter surprises because I realized I would have a helper with me on spring break all next week and no time to shop alone. Oh, on top of that I got packed for this weekend's ski trip and made meatballs and sauce for the trip.

Anyway, what I'm really excited about is an Alchemy bid I submitted on http://www.etsy.com/ last night for a cute little girl who wants a Lemonade Stand! I have the whole thing planned in my brain, and for those of you who are crafty you can try it too. If my bid is accepted, I plan to make a framework from pvc pipe and plumbing joints. I want to make a skirt out of gesso'd canvas that I paint with large stripes and lemons and a sign from the top with canvas that announces "Lemonade Stand". Having no girls in this house except my cute little dog, Pipa, I'm chomping at the bit to create something girlie!

Wish me luck! I hope I get picked from her other bids! This alchemy thing is so awesome! If you have a special request and want to receive bids from artists you can start one too, click herehttp://www.etsy.com/alchemy/ I will talk a little more next week about the guilt I feel for cheating on etsy forums with alchemy. I'm in love with it!

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  1. Lemonade stand, what a cute idea! I hadn't seen that request, but I had seen the one where someone was planning a lemon themed bday party. Lemons must be the new thing!


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