Happy St. Pat's! The second thoughts of closet leprechaun...

Well, the leprechaun came last night and really did a job on my house. All of those fun things that seem like a good idea the night before always look a little different in the light of day.

We got up this morning to a trashed downstairs that was covered with glitter and candy (Glitter? Really?). Hubby came down and looked at three boys who were hopped up on sugar by 8am and tried to eat the green pancakes. The combo. of hyperactivity, glitter on his fork, and the nasty green pancakes sent him packing earlier than usual with a, "This better not look like this when I get home." over his shoulder. Dude, lighten up!

So, anyway, my kids went off to face their day of learning with 5 Rolos, 2 Hershey's Kisses, and 3 mini Reese's Cups in their bellies (they didn't like the pancakes either...Yeah, I really didn't think the glitter thing through properly). I'll be accepting my Mom of the Year trophy at a special ceremony given by their 1st and 3rd grade teachers after school today. The ceremony might just include a beat down, but I'm man enough to take it. :)


  1. I'm sure my kids are wondering why the little green guys don't come to our house after they talk to all their friends with stories of green milk on their cereal and candy for breakfast. It was never a tradition where I grew up. Anyway - thanks for getting me hooked on blogging - it's kinda fun!


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