I found something great on Etsy!

I wanted to write about a great new Etsy seller today and share her product. I love it and know you will, too. She is a mom who has started her own jewelry business called Joy Beadworks. The concept behind her jewelry really jibes with my busy life and my need to streamline.

All her jewelry pieces are interchangeable! She has interchangeable sterling silver rings and earrings that can go with any outfit. I've pictured the ring here for you to see. The ring holds a handmade bead that can be matched to whatever your heart desires and replacement beads can be purchased to match all your other outfits! The same goes for her earrings - you choose for favorite style of earring and then choose different dangles!

I think it's ingenious to not have to keep track of 10 different rings cluttering up your jewelry box. Not to mention the savings of buying a bead to match your new outfit vs. buying a whole new ring. The cost factor makes collecting beads for your ring addictive. You won't break the bank so you can get something to match every outfit. The fact that the beads are handmade makes them affordable artwork to collect, as well.
This line was obviously created by a mom! To check out the handmade beads and earrings click here: http://www.joybeadworks.etsy.com/

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  1. I recently bought one of the rings from Joy Beadworks and I LOVE it! The beads are so pretty, I'd love to have them all! It's a great way to add a little color splash to these seemingly endless dreary days - And glad to be helping out a fellow mom!


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