My Etsy Addiction Revealed.

Although I am pretty much consumed with all things Etsy at the moment, I am particularly hooked on the Treasury. For those of you who don't know, it's an opportunity to showcase the great talent you stumble upon there. I get to curate my own collection according to theme or color or whatever. It is so fun I dream about my new theme the night before I try for a new treasury and for days before hand I collect little beauties to add.

My last one was titled "Does this make my BUTT look big?" and it was full of...well...butts! A zebra butt print, cat butt earrings, chicken butt stationary...it was a hoot! This time I decided to play on my name, Hope Studios, and created "HOPE is the thing with feathers..." from the Emily Dickinson poem. I found such hopeful images and objects.

It really is like a treasure hunt and a Secret Santa rolled into one. I get to scavenge for lovely works of art and also surprise a shop keeper with being included - it's a nice validation. To get on the wagon or to view my own Treasury click here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=3830

Or visit www.etsy.com to explore on your own. It's worth the visit!

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  1. I too, am consumed by Etsy lately! I stopped by your shop and I love the frame with the quote about slipping into my heart. I just had a baby recently and it touched me! :) I found you through a post you left in the forums about blogging.


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