My Helper Munchkin

I was getting started on a new frame order today for a baby and I even had my Helper Munchkin, board holder, on the job and... POW!... my jigsaw broke! The thing that makes the blade go up and down burst out the side of my saw!

Now, that saw belonged to my super-lovable father-in-law, Fred, and it made me so sad when it broke. Well, Helper Munchkin and I got in the car and headed to Lowe's (where they get a kick out of this mom who is always in there buying blades, mouse sanders, sand paper and lumber) and began to search for a replacement.
This little Skil number looked good and the price was right, so, welcome to the family, little buddy! He's so shiny and new and ALL MINE! Woo hoo, Mama's got a new saw.

So, long story short, Helper Munchkin and I got back on the job and soon a frame for someone else's little Munchkin will be finished. I will post the pics because I just love the quote they chose: "When they placed you in my arms you slipped into my heart." Isn't that beautiful?

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