We are FA - MI - LY!!!

I just completed a "Family Plaque" for 'Mom2Chaos' on Etsy and she had the greatest idea! She wanted a plaque for her family similar to the stick figure stickers people put on their cars. I'm telling you, my customers are so creative! Anyway, I brainstormed and this is what I came up with. On top of coming up with a great idea (and giving me permission to sell them in my Etsy shop) her kids have the COOLEST names!

I stayed up late to finish all my orders from this week and though my house looks like it's been ransacked due to lackluster cleaning on my part in the past few days, I'm happy. I got the nicest email from a bride who wanted a wedding frame and it just made my day. I've always said, there is no thanks in laundry but, boy, do people love their frames! It gives me motivation to face that sink full of dishes. A little positive feedback goes a long way. Maybe I'll put a feedback card on top of my families clean and folded clothes this week...

Anyway, I think we've really seen the end of ski season for 2008. It's sad to put away the skis but it's also exciting to see the grass getting greener and little shoots poking out of the dirt. I found a bird's nest last week I would love to fill with robin's eggs. Soon, they will be hatching and I think I'll collect the fallen shells to make a spring display. Any thoughts on getting rid of the bird bugs?


  1. You stopped by my blog this morning. I came to see your work. I love your frames!!! I could really use some with my professional photography. My website www.julieannjohnson.com has my contact info.

    Your work is really beautiful!

  2. That is soooo cute! I love it. Those would make really cute gifts.
    Smiles, Karen

  3. found you from Etsy. Great work on the plaque!


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