If I Had Three Wishes...

This is how the conversation started from the backseat as my Helper Munchkin and I drove to the grocery store this morning. What would you wish for? I wanted to know. And here it is from the mouth of a five year old:

"Well, first I would wish for a magic set that really works and then I would wish for Gramma and Grampa to live here right next to us so I could go see them whenever I want. Because I really like them and they are really nice to us and they play outside with us. Oh, and I wish I could eat candy every day."

So, there it is...little things mean so much to our kids (included, are magic and candy). I try to remember that each time I'm asked to play catch, go to check on the tadpoles, or throw a Frisbee. I still need lots of reminders, but I try to pull myself away more often.

To prepare for Gramma and Grampa's visit, it was decided that chocolate chip muffins were in order. I became Helper Mom while the Munchkin took the lead and made everything (except the baking part) all by himself for his beloved Gram and Gramp.


  1. HAH! Candy and Magic and Grandparents, what more does a child need?? how cute!

  2. I posed the question to my five-year-old and she said, "I want a horse of my own to ride and I want to be a big sister." I'm almost sorry I asked! :)


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