It's That Time of the Year

Well, the June brides are out en masse and ordering many many frames! This is what I've finished in the last week and I think all of them are meant for wedding gifts! I remember my wedding and it really was the best day of my life. I listened to all the advice and really enjoyed my day. Really, that is the only advice I have for all the brides out there. Plan, plan, plan...but once the big day comes assign a trouble-shooter and let it all go. Even when things go wrong, it is a day to remember. Now, that we're all warm and fuzzy, let's take a walk down memory lane...Shall we?
Okay, it's the day of my wedding and I'm at the reception after a beautiful ceremony, at which I couldn't stop playing with my new pearl necklace and my nose wouldn't stop running. Fortunately, my videographer, our friend's dad, caught me on tape pulling a tissue out of my bra and wiping my nose then replacing it. Good times.
Anyway, after many drinks and dances and no food to speak of, I decide it's time for a potty break. If only it were that easy. I came back out and gathered a posse because I realized this was going to take some acrobatics. We all head back into the world's smallest bathroom stall and I cannot gain access to the vital area! It's buried under yards of silk and lace, a crinoline (for God's sake!), pantyhose (Gasp!), and fancy underpants... So, I just stood there digging under all of that to try to reach the bottom layer. I dug around (and found birdseed in weird places) and finally someone else pulled down my underwear since my hands were trapped with in the folds. My mom might have done that, who knows?
I had girls surrounding me each holding part of my dress and assorted other clothing, while I stood there helplessly trying to get my hands in there to reach the pantyhose and new underpants. I would have been embarrassed but we were all squeezed in there so tight with so much fabric filling the space that I just finally squatted with my arms over my head and got it over with. And thank God we were in the bathroom because laughing that hard really made me have to pee! So, all modesty aside I did my business in a small 3x3 foot space with 3 of my closest friends and vowed to drink nothing for the rest of the night!

If you have an upcoming wedding and are short on the gift end, check out my etsy shop at http://www.hopestudios.etsy.com/ . Oh, and Mother's Day is just around the corner and we mom love a handmade gift! (no one said it had to be made by YOU)

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