My new spring treasury!

Yesterday, as it sleeted here in Western PA, I was able to snag an etsy treasury and tried to fill it with colorful, fun handmade items to brighten my day. Take a look at some examples of some of the many talented artists I share e-space with each day:


In other news, as I was mooching huge cardboard boxes from the construction guys next door to make a fort for 3 munchkins, one of the guys said "Hey, were you the girl I saw in the driveway using a circular saw last week?!" I guess that is how I'm known around the 'hood lately! I love it, especially when the girls next door come over to watch. I love to bust stereotypes and be feminine and tough all at once. I even wear my silver hoops while I'm cutting wood, so there!

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  1. love the treasury. I LOVE that T shirt by circularaccessories.
    nothing like a bright and cheery treasury to make you feel better after a day of rain and sleet!


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