An Odd Little Tidbit About Myself

I'm just going to come right out and say it... I'm obsessed with organizing my house with shoe pocket organizers that fit on the back of doors! I'm not sure how or why this started, but I included some photos for you to see. I'm slowly running out of doors, but I will never run out of things to put in those cute little pockets!

My latest addition is in my pantry. My three boys seem to collect every cup from every restaurant and amusement park we've ever been to along with water bottles for all the many sports. Add to that my husband's obsession with beer cozies and I had a pile of random cups and cozies all over the floor of the pantry all the time. Shoe pocket organizer's saved the day. Look at this, I'm so proud of it I open the pantry doors to show anyone who comes over. It doesn't occur to me that everyone wouldn't just LOVE this until they nod in a confused way and offer to take my temperature.

I use one for my kids' craft organizer, too. And, believe it or not, I actually use them for shoes, too. Some of my shoe pocket organizers even came from the dollar store, so this doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe this is TMI, but I just had to share.

In other news, the girls' coffee group met again and it was so great to complain about our husbands, eat fantastic cookies and breads at 9 am (see Marzipan Mom's blog link to the right), and inspect our dream car that one of the girls just bought (Acadia, woo hoo!) Life isn't what it used to be, but that 2 hours over coffee and sweets does a body good. Thank you, friend!

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  1. those shoe organizers are SO HANDY for just about anything.
    We use them to oranize toys in the playroom. They are the perfect size for Hot wheels and transformers!!

  2. We use them in the coat closet for gloves, hats and scarves in winter and sunglasses, sunblock and bug spray in summer!

  3. I love the shoe organizers. I have them all over my house too. We should get together and write a book on 101 Uses for Over the Door Shoe Organizers. What do you think? Maybe a little crazy! THanks so much for linking to my first party. It's been fun to check out everyone's ideas and projects.


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