Can't Bear to Cut Your Favorite Photo>

I guess you're not alone. I've had a run on my 20x16 in Heartsongs Memory Frames with Custom Quotes for the past few days.

I came up with this one for a bride a few months ago who couldn't bear to cut her precious (and expensive) professional photo for her frame. The shape is rectangular to mimic the shape of the photo and maintain the aesthetic of the frame. I think it's a nice alternative.

As usual, my customers come to me with the best quotes, and I think I'm going to recreate "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly" for my own home. I'm sure my husband would agree when he remembers back to the many times he's tried to be "passionate" and I'd break into a fit of giggles!

If you have a special photo or a gift giving occasion coming up, you can order your own custom frame by emailing me at jsneill@zoominternet.net

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