I'm home!!!

I don't have time to load photos today because I'm so tied up with frame work...however, I'd like to share some insights that come from camping for a week with 3 boys and my husband.

1. As much as I love him, I hate sleeping on a double bed with my big guy. That much closeness would drive me to two twin beds like Lucy and Ricky!

2. When the guy who drops you off for a 10 mile canoe trip looks over his shoulder and says "You saw the weather forecast for today, right?" that is not a good sign.

3. Enduring a thunderstorm straight from hell while standing on the side of a river with said canoe docked beside you will cure your children of their fear of regular thunderstorms when heard from your own house when you get home.

4. My sons watch too much Discovery channel. While we were in the rain and hail storm Munchkin #1 starts screaming, "We're going to be on the next episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive!"

5. I can actually will my kids not to catch fish when their dad isn't there so I don't have to gut a trout :)

6. My boys are small but mighty. They hiked about 5 miles uphill everyday to see some of the most beautiful forest I've ever been in.

7. You hair will smell like a campfire for approx. 3 days after you return despite how many times you wash it.

8. Driftwood salvaged from a river and dried carefully next to a campfire (to be used for some future project) smells ungodly in the car on the way home. It's on the side of route 80 if anyone needs it.

9. It's possible to eat s'mores AND homemade ice cream everyday for a week.

10. There's no place like home...


  1. glad you are back and had such a "great time?"
    I am not much of a camper, so you did better than I would have.

  2. You make me laugh! Glad you're back safe and sound. How long before you consider camping again?

  3. When are we going to Nemacolin???...down pillows with mints on them at night....a few spa treatments maybe...and we'd probably come home to about the same amount of laundry!!!


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