Vacation Recap, Cook Forest Pa.

Here is our cute, little cabin on day one. It was a beautiful day and we sat in the sun, the kids played in the river, and we made a campfire...the cabin did seem smaller once we unloaded the cars...shrug...

Day two, beautiful day again so we decide to go for a canoe ride. Hell, it's a great day - let's really go for it and take the 10 mile ride! You all know what happened next... about 2 miles down the river I'm looking around at the lovely forest on either side of me. Mmmmm, a nice breeze...so beautiful! Um, it's getting a bit windy and the light seems yellow...ooh, was that thunder??? Yeah, you know the rest.

Day three, four and five, rain and 60 degrees. Screw it, we'll just hike! It really was an enchanted forest. We chose a different trail each day and saw forest that looked like a movie set it was so beautiful! The ferns and the moss covered every surface and seemed to drip down over the edge of a babbling brook and kiss the water.

We hiked through dark, mysterious pine forests with a canopy so thick nothing could grow under it, only to stumble upon a fallen tree that opened up a space for light and a moss meadow would appear from no where! The huge boulders were shaped like little hobbit houses and all the trees were carved with lovers' initials from as far back as 1936 (it was "Dot and Dexter" who carved that one.)

Day 6 was a glorious day with sunshine and warmth and we spent the entire day outside fishing, hiking, canoeing, playing in the river...loving the day. So, with this as our last memory we have to say we had a great camping trip and will return next year to Cook Forest and our little cocoon away from the real world.


  1. I guess I didn't realize you were going to Cook Forest. Mark and his dad have a camp close to there - pretty rustic, no running water - very close to Clear Creek State Park. It is beautiful there! Did you canoe the Clarion River?

  2. Jennifer - I liked your post about Cook Forest. Have you ever seen our site, www.cookforest.com? We have a section called "Forest Friends" where we publish photos and stories from visitors to the Forest. Your account, with a few more photos, would be perfect! If you're interested, you can use the Contact Us link on the site for more info.

  3. awwwwwhhh....I almost would be tempted to go myself!!!!....my kids and husband would LOVE it.....I would too if there were a Marriot just a few minutes away for me and I could meet everyone after my coffee and french vanilla creamer....


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