Are You Ready for Some Football???

I feel like my 9 year old is getting so big these days...until I see him swallowed up in his new football equipment! After 3 years of standing firm on our rule of no tackle football before 4th grade, we finally made the leap.

Now, this football thing is not for the feint of heart, our journey began with a camp out at the sign ups beginning at 4:30 am followed by 8 am drills. There have been camps and volunteer sign ups throughout the summer and practices 5 nights a week beginning in the last week of July. This commitment is more involved than any activity I'm currently involved in these days. It's going to be a loooong season.

I guess this is my life for the next few months, just please tell me if I become like those "other" football moms who can talk of nothing else throughout the season...I really hate that.


  1. A big fat welcome to the club!!!!!!!!....we started last year...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!....but there is nothing that can prepare for those "crazy" football moms....you'll see what I mean at the first game....it is a huge commitment, but it is worth it!!....and how 'bout my sons team won every single game last year....made it to the playoffs....which extended the season another THREE weeks and then we went to the "Superbowl"....only to lose in overtime.....our first loss of the season.....I cried......I just wanted to win one Superbowl...after my beloved Buffalo Bills lost 4 in a row....I just wanted one!!!!

  2. Exactly! Welcome to the club. We're starting year three with Raymond. You should have seen them all the first year in their uniforms! They all looked like little bobble-heads! Ha-ha!

    You'll have fun though. As crazy as it is, you will find a way to make it fun. ;) Good luck!

  3. yup, welcome.
    I am a "karate mom".


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