How to Make a Moss Terrarium

I started with a medium sized cookie jar that I found at Target, but any decorative glass container with a lid will work. I removed the rubber gasket so my little plants could get a bit of air. We used pint-sized wide mouth jars for the kids' projects.

Begin by layering gravel into the bottom of the container, we chose "pretty" gravel from the craft store. Layer the largest stones first and graduate to the finest gravel, this will keep the soil on top and not let it filter down into the stones.

Now, take a walk in the lovely forest nearest you and gather moss and small plants to use inside your jar. I chose a mixture of mosses, tiny ferns, and clusters of clovers.

Fill the jar 2/3's full of potting soil (don't use soil from the walk, it might have little buggies in it!) and arrange your plants. Take care to bury the roots into the soil.

Water with a spray bottle and replace lid. Keep your little terarrium in indirect light and spray with water once condensation disappears from the inside of the jar.


  1. that looks like a GREAT project for my kids. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Hi, just found your post through a google search for moss terrariums. Very nice post. I just made a terrarium today.
    Off to check out your etsy shop.

  3. that is the cutest project! i saw these for sale on etsy and just had to know how they were done. soooo cute!! thanks for sharing this project!!

  4. Like others, I saw the moss terrarium on sale in etsy and want to make my own - thank you for posting these useful infos! They just look so pretty.

  5. I googled "how to make moss terrarium" and got this cute blog. Thank you!

  6. wonderful! been wanting one of these for so long! and now, thanks to you and google, I can have one! too bad i have to wait a bit untill it's warm enough for moss....

  7. I also googled "moss terrariums" after seeing them for sale on etsy and wanted to make my own. This is great, thanks!

  8. That's a beautiful terrarium! Check out my blog for tips on how to maintain it and keep it healthy for years to come!


  9. Thanks for posting this, i was inspired to have a go making my own: http://www.drawpilgrim.com/2009/07/making-moss-terrarium.html

  10. Found my way here from your DIY post this week. I thought I was the only one addicted to moss and glass - I have it all over my home. To think I could have been making money selling them on ebay - hee hee!

    BTW - you have to be careful, one of my jars has teeny tiny slugs - gross!


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