Fruit Flies, Help!!!

Okay, I love Costco, but I wasn't counting on a bunch of new pets when I bought that pineapple! We have purchased the fruit fly traps online in the past ($24!!!) so we decided to try out some of the ideas for homemade traps. It's surprisingly simple, and looks like this:

You will need:

a small jar(baby food size)

a bit of fruit(chunk of banana)

plastic wrap.

Place the fruit in the jar and cover tightly with plastic wrap. With a sharpened pencil poke 3-4 tiny holes in the plastic, just big enough for a fruit fly. Place it on your counter and watch it with morbid fascination as it fills up. Take it outside to empty it out every few days and start over. (the flies can squeeze down through the hole, but can't crawl back through the jagged edges of the holes)

This is my contribution for Kimba's DIY Thursday, so hop on over there to check out what else she has to offer!



  1. I'm afraid to even respond because I fear I may jinx myself!!!...I don't have any yet!!!...it has been like clockwork the week of Micaela's birthday my house gets infested with them....and her big day is Wednesday......could this be the first year in 13 that I won't get them???...I remember like it was yesterday the week I brought her home from the hospital rocking her and watching them swarm my windows.....I was freaking out!!!...hopefully I won't have to try the banana trap this year!

  2. I'm going to try that right now! I've had them for weeks and gotten rid of them a slightly different way, but his method seems less messy. Thanks!

  3. we use a jar of apple cider vinegar with the saran wrap over the top with a few small holes.
    The vinegar smells like rotting apples and they swarm it like nobodys business. I bet your fruit idea works just as well and smells better than ACV. I shall try that next time I have an infestation (We get them with bananas)

  4. Brilliant! This came at the perfect time for me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is the coolest thing and there are certainly times that I need this. I'll try it for sure! Love your blog.

  6. ugh, fruit flies seem like a never ending prob in my kitchen. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  7. OMG!! We have a terrible fruit fly problem this year (I even posted about it on a Not Me Monday) and this is just what I need!
    I am SO going home after work and getting this all set up!! Thank you!!

  8. Really?? This really works? I HATE fruit flies. I try to remember that almost all little creatures serve some purpose in Creation, but honestly. . . I just don't think I need that purpose served right in my kitchen. So thank you for this!

  9. To think we are eating those little buggers that are in our fruit. EEEWWWW.... I try not to think about where my food comes from or what is in or on it... LOL
    thanks for this tip- I need it when I buy melons and let them ripen a bit on the counter.
    :-) Sue

  10. Great timing on this-I was just shaking my head in disgust over a whole herd of fruit flies today! I'll be trying this first thing in the morning-what a great idea!

  11. Yay!
    I have been busy making jam and canning fruit, so I have many of these silly things in my kitchen.

    I will be trying this tomorrow. Thanks!


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