Here is a collection of my random thoughts and random occurrences that are related only by their randomness...

I am currently making a list of things we can do this afternoon that involve being someplace other than our house...because I cleaned this morning and I don't want those dirty rugrats messing it up before my husband comes home to see it. You see, I don't think he believes I clean because it's just as messy once the kids get into everything! I need to prove myself and if that means spending the afternoon spending money at Target, so be it!

The same husband saw a hair on the side of my chin the other day. He pointed it out by saying "What is THAT?!?" I looked and it was loooonnnnggg and was curling over my jaw a bit. That little bugger was there awhile because I pulled it out and measured it and it was 1/4 inch long! Wow, I'm either turning into a witch or my hormones are kicking in as I approach 40.

I contracted out the cutting of my frames to a lumber yard that does custom milling and I'm so EXCITED to delegate that part of the job to someone else!! I'm hoping this will alleviate some of my stress and let me expand a bit within my business.

I bought what seemed like 5 pounds of yeast the other day at Costco and now feel obligated to bake bread. I baked two batches of bread on Monday...and forgot to put yeast in the first one! It's sad.

I haven't bathed my dog in two months.

I made a home made fruit fly trap for my kitchen, I'm currently housing about 50 fruit flies on a slice of banana in it. I will post instructions if I feel like it's working.

I google all my customers to see if any of them are famous or successful. Many of them are!!!

I can do the moonwalk, and demonstrated it in kickboxing class yesterday.

I'm hoping to pull together a girl's getaway in the next month or so! HoooWeee!!!

I've almost eaten 1/2 a frozen Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in less than a week.


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