Open Love Letter

Oh, how I love you! I've missed you so much these past few days while you were sick. I felt a gloom over my days and I pined to see your glowing face. I thought about you all day and dreamed about you at night. The days passed so slowly while we were apart - I couldn't think straight and couldn't work. I spent my days cleaning the house and snacking just to get my mind off you...but now you're home and better than ever!

You're as beautiful as I remember and so quick these days! A little TLC was all you needed and you're as good as new. I'll never take you for granted again, the time we spent apart taught me to take better care of you and appreciate all you do for me each day.

You're the best...computer... a girl could ask for and I'm so happy we're together again! (heh, heh, did you really think I'd let you all read a real love letter??? Seriously.)

Anyway, my trusty computer is out of the shop and back up and running. I'm hoping to accomplish a lot more now that we're moving so fast over here in the technology arena. So, watch out, I plan to blog my head off in the next few days!


  1. Where did you take your computer? Ours is in desperate need of some TLC and the kids constantly complain about how s-l-o-w it is!


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