What Are You Up to Today, Hon?

This is the question I answer everyday...how to explain that I will be doing the same thing I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that...but you just can't tell I did anything by 6 pm? It's a thankless, repetitive, never-ending job - but someone has to do it.

So, this morning I will be folding and putting away (I like to aim high) this huge pile of laundry all morning. The plan was to sip tea and watch Regis and Ellen all morning while doing it (it's a rare treat) but "Dancing with the Stars" is on for some reason and the other channels are following endless election coverage. bummer...

Don't they know I need something to get me through this pile of laundry???

You know you have to go out and vote today, don't you? That's silly of me, of course you do! Go vote and I will be here folding laundry watching Matt Lauer tell me how you did. I will get there right after school since I promised my boys they could come with me. What are you still doing here??? Go vote!!!

Ellen came on and saved me, I'm folded and thinking I might even get the laundry put away!

All done, now Helper Munchkin and I can go bowling!


  1. This is so weird! My kitchen counter looked exactly like your living room floor yesterday and I even considered taking a photo and blogging about it, but I didn't and you beat me to it - but I can SOOO relate! Amazing how laundry can eat up an entire day!

  2. It's funny, because I gave my husband that topic to write about as a country song......how our days are all the same, but different...it doesn't really matter sometimes....it's the same...and by the end of the day nobody can tell what we did all day....which always brings about the question from my husband, "well, why do it?"....

  3. That is EXACTLY how my days go at least 3 times a week. I think at times, it would be easier returning to work, then I am brought back to sanity as I think, how would I do the laundry, keep the house somewhat tidy, and the kids are fed if I worked full time? And I think I am stressed now???????? The stress level would undoubtedly rise by twofold. The laundry is definitely a thankless job! You are not alone! And alas, I am already behind as I had to take our 3 year old to the dr. for yet another ear infection. Poor guy---


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