Agitation: to stir up, to excite

That is the only way I can describe my current state of emotion. I have been up late every night, trying to finish up all of my Christmas orders as well as running a household of 3 boys and a husband during the holiday season. My mind is running nonstop about all of the things I have to do and while I'm doing them I'm thinking of all the things I haven't begun. Do I even have to tell you that the housework is really suffering?

I tried to go to kickboxing today to "sing it out" (wait, am I the only one who sings in exercise class??) but I was so distracted and guilty that I skipped out after the first half. No offense to the substitute instructor, you were lovely...

But, I just need to plow on today and get all of my guaranteed orders out and then move on to Christmas prep. I should be able to get some baking done this week and I really want to try a new cookie recipe. If it's a success I will pass it on. In the meantime, why don't you go to the store for some essentials and then you will be ready for me.

Shopping list:

Butter (it's Christmas, I don't want to hear you whining about calories and cholesterol!)
Vanilla (pure, not imitation)
Poppy seeds
Brown Sugar
Peanut Butter
Mini Chocolate Chips
Seedless Raspberry Jam
Cream Cheese
Confectioner's Sugar

Okay, I'll meet you here in the next day or so and we'll get started! Cookies, whoo hoo!


  1. Ditto!!! Ditto!!!!!!!.....I am done shopping and wrapping though....but I have my sisters 40th when I see her the week after Christmas and Parkers birthday Jan.5th as well...my lists have lists!..trying to nail down my menu items for various get togethers as well..I'm so afraid I'm going to forget something!...plus so many loose ends to tie up they've turned into a big wad!!!...I want to move onto the fun stuff!

  2. That's quite a shopping list of yummies. Can't wait to see what you're baking. We've been baking a bit here too, just need time to take pictures and blog about them!


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