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Our big family decided to have the children draw names for Secret Santa this year to cut back on the number of gifts for Christmas. Half of the family is for it and the other half are allowing themselves to be talked into it...but if it doesn't work out this idea is going down in flames.

How to make it special, especially for the little kids, so they don't feel like they are missing out? For this year we've enlisted the help of Bob Jingles. I heard he'd been promoted this year to head of Secret Santa assignments and decided to give him a try. I mean, the pairings have to be PERFECT!

Anyway, we're all waiting to hear back from him on his decision. We pass the time by checking in on his blog and it also helps us keep up with what's going on up there in the North Pole. Do you want to check him out, too? Need a scape goat for any Christmas decisions like this? Bob is your man, Bob Jingles.

Here is the letter he is sending to our kids notifying him of his choice for them:

Dear _________,

I have a big surprise for you,
I hope you do not tell.
I want to give you a name,
That you know very well.

You must play Secret Santa, now
To someone very dear
His name is _____, wow!
You have his name this year!

Now, don’t tell the secret
Keep it close inside
Think of something special
To give her a surprise!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Bob Jingles

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