Christmas in Pittsburgh

Only those who are from Pittsburgh or have visited will find this email I just received remotely funny. The rest of you will be scratching your heads, but trust me, there are parts of the city where this is the language spoken! I know at one time there was a skit on SNL about "Pittsburgh-ese" and the strange way some words are pronounced ("Go Stillers!") and I'm sure some family in the South Side ("Sahth Sahd") is really singing this. Merry Christmas!

A Pixburgh Christmas Carol

Yinz better wahtch aht
Yinz better not paht
Yinz better not cry,
I’m tellin yinz hauscom
Santa Claus is commin’ dahntahn
He’s makin’ a list
He’s checkin’it aht
He’s gowen find aht who’s nebby an ‘at
Santa Claus is commin’ dahntahn
He knows if yinzes a jaggoff
He can see inside your haus
He knows if you’ve been workin’ hard
Or sittin’ on your caach
Yinz better wahtch aht
Yinz better not cry
I’m tellin’ yinz hauscome
Santa Claus is commin dahntahn. . . . . .


  1. OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!!! I am going to share with friends and on Facebook if that is okay!

  2. I was sitting here laughing outloud!!!!! I don't have Pittsburghese because I moved to California when I was eight. But everytime I come home, all my cousins have it and some friends. This is so funny!!! And your right unless you're from Pittsburgh it makes no sense at all ;0


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