Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Sounds magical doesn't it? Pile into the car to the Christmas tree farm to cut you own tree, singing and happy...except that two kids are in the back seat fighting, one is crying because he can't stand Christmas songs ("It's the same three songs over and over with different people singing them!!!"), and soon everyone is crying (including me because I'm stuck in the car with these people!)

But, eventually, we get there and the excitement kicks in (well, that is how my warped mind is going to remember it). We climb aboard the wagon "sleigh" pulled by the tractor "horse" and ride out into the field.( You can see my neighbor who snuck into the picture behind the kids, I never noticed her until I just uploaded these photos! We were all a little punchy since we were recovering from the neighborhood Christmas party the night before.)

Things are going well at this point at we search for the perfect tree. I can hear my kids voices all around me in the trees "I found it!" "Where are you?" "Come over and see the tree I found!" "I can't find you!" "I'm cold, can we go in?" "Moooommmm, I have to pee!" (wait, that might have been my husband)

Finally, we find the perfect tree and everything is moving along nicely when one of the kids gets poked in the eye with a stick. Lots of crying and arguing, (I half expect to see his eye dangling out of the socket the way he is crying) some comforting and scolding then time to get the annual photo of the kids with the 2008 tree. "Smile!" "Never mind, just stand there."

Everyone gets a turn with the saw

and then the tree is down and we're dragging it to the waiting tractor. Load up and let's get out of here, it's cold! No one is smiling, except my husband and I. Ahhhh, family traditions...

Have you cut down you own tree before? For all you city folk, here is the drill. They take it to the "shaker" to shake all the dead leaves, sticks, squirrels out(ha, just kidding)

Then they stick it into the string tying thingie to bind it up

Then you fork over half your paycheck and walk off with a nice tight tree bundle


  1. lolol love the pictures and your description of the whole trip just made me laugh... lolol... I never went out to get a Christmas tree so it was great to see your family do it... hope you guys love the tree =D

  2. We cut our tree down on Saturday...but I have to admit, there was significantly less drama! LOL!
    Easy in, easy out, a great big "Merry Christmas" from the owner as we got out of the car, a drive out to the "leafless forest", and we all picked the same exact tree! The prices are GREAT too. A 9 foot tree only cost me 35.00! Can't beat that!
    It's so much harder when you have three separate little men, though. I'm sure they all had a great time though!

  3. We also got our tree on Saturday. All but Annie had a good time - just like a true girly girl, she chooses pink not-so-warm boots over the real things which actually keep your feet warm and dry. She also refused to wear gloves! It was one of the colder "tree extractions" we have experienced. I must say we found the perfect tree in record time. Finish the afternoon with hot mulled cider and a spiced doughnut and go home to light a fire and decorate the tree while listening to Christmas Carols. It doesn't get much better than that!


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