Party Cracker Place Cards

I've made party "crackers" to use as place cards for this Christmas' dinner. I filled them with candy and toys for the kids and will mark every one's seat. Though they don't actually "crack", I'm sure my kids won't notice. They look festive for any party and I might pull this idea out again for New Years.

This time of year we all have empty wrapping paper tubes, so lets reuse...

I gathered my supplies, tubes cut into 6 inch lengths, wrapping paper, curling ribbon, scraps of paper, blank labels, candy and trinkets, and confetti.

Use the scrap paper to write little messages, jokes, fortunes...

Place the note into the tube first then, wrap your tube with a piece of paper about 6inches longer than the tube. Tie one end with the ribbon.

Drop your items into the tube then tie the other end closed.

Curl your ribbons and stamp names onto the labels then affix them to the outside of the cracker.

I should mention that I originally bought crackers at Costco last month for this purpose but realized last week that they were actually filled with adult items, like, wine openers, money clips, compasses...Maybe I should have stuck with those, the looks on the kids' faces would have been hilarious! But, like a responsible parent, I returned them and tried to figure out how to make a kid-friendly version.

Now, this seems like a good idea right now - but I'm guessing that this could end with kids beaning each other on the head with tubes, spilling confetti all over the place, and getting all hopped up on sugar before dinner. Fun, huh?

Oh, just for the fun of it click here for a good laugh. I'm telling you, you cannot watch this without a smile plastered on your face the whole time! (Turn up your volume to listen)

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  1. Oh...I'll just try to whip these up today!!!....I can't promise anything....maybe it will be a new tradition for next year!!....thanks again for the inspiration!


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