My coffee cup charms were picked up by Craft Gossip this week. Pop on over to check out this cool site that highlights cool crafty things each week. You will be inspired, I promise!

And, finally, my blog contest for this cool frame begins on Monday

To read more about this event from the hosting blog click here. You will learn how to enter many blog giveaways to be held from January 20 - February 12. Feelin' lucky?

In unrelated, random news...I bought a package of edamame at the grocery store this week. When I flipped it over, it listed the ingredients as soybeans, water, and salt then in capital bold letters it proclaimed "CONTAINS SOY". Um, thanks.

On the same package after the heating directions, it stated "contents may become hot after heating".

This lead to an internet search of funny signs and here is my favorite:


Tell me what you think!

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