I've been tagged! I got my message yesterday from sweet, little Meekiyua . She is a super talented origami artist living in the Big Apple, and I imagine she looks like her avatar - so cute!

Check out her shop Meekiyua

Here are the rules:

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1. I was named after the actress Jennifer O'Neill. What is so strange about that? Neill is my married name...spooky...

2. I used to torture my brother and sister when we were kids with a patented torture method. First, sit on their chest with your knees pinning their shoulders down. Next, let spit drip out of your mouth onto their forehead. Ahhh, memories...

3. I hate to clean the house. Really hate it. It's redundant and is never complete. It gets messed up right after or while you're doing it. My life is like Groundhog Day when it comes to cleaning.

4. Though I love my three boys and would never change my life, I still want a girl (in addition to my boys, not instead). I always dreamed of having boys and girls in my life. I'm resigned to the fact that I am a "boy mom", and I have so much fun with them every day and love them with all I have, but I also know that longing will never go away. I will always feel that way every day of my life. I could cry just writing this. Who knows, maybe I'll adopt some day.

5. I love reality TV. Yes, I know it is stupid and probably fake, but I love the voyeuristic nature of peeking into someone else's life. Especially, immature, drama-filled life - Lauren Conrad is my secret friend. We go way back to the days of Laguna Beach. I'm not picky, either. I can tell you all about Snoop dog, those bitch housewives of the O.C., Top Chefs, Scott Baio...

6. If I could be a contestant on any game show, it would be "Don't Forget the Lyrics" I would rock at that and come home rich.

Now, let's tag some others. I tried to pick a variety to give you tastes of really different blogs. You can check out their blogs and read their random tidbits in the coming days:
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In other news, I will be participating in the blog giveaway sponsored by One World One Heart this year. Click on the link to check it out!

I have a fun surprise up for grabs beginning January 19th. Entering is easy, just comment on my blog with you favorite quote about love (perfect for Valentine's Day!) beginning on the 19th. So, that gives you 11 days to come up with a doozy. I will hold a random drawing on February 12th, just in time for a Valentine's surprise! Good luck! I'll keep you posted...


  1. oh my! the spit torture thing lol

  2. Ahhh! What a fun thing to do. Thanks for tagging me. I'm already making my list.

    I grew up with 3 siblings and remember that the torture was fierce!

  3. Just got back from the Bahamas! I'll start working on my Tag list.

    Thanks for tagging me!


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