We Won!!!

What a day for football! It was cold and snowing and the air was charged as the Steeler Nation watched their Steelers defeat the Chargers to make it one step closer to the Super Bowl! The crowd was on it's feet for most of the game, too excited to sit and relax once Styxx sang us into the stadium with a live version of Renegade. We screamed, jumped, hugged and slapped high-five with our seat neighbors. It was a great game...an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl, perhaps? Time will tell.
Our guys walking into the stadium:

Pre-game girl shot:

Guy shot:

Introducing our Piiiiittsbuuuuurrrrgh Steeeeeeeeelllleeeerrrrrssss!!!!!

Do you see the thousands of "Terrible Towels" waving in the stadim? Proceeds from the sale of this towel have raised over 2 million dollars to benefit a school in our area that serves children with autism. It's a good thing.

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