"D" day!

This is it, we've survived the kids' asking for the 100,000th time "How many days 'til we go to Disney?" and we are actually leaving for Disney! We've had our nutritious breakfast of Mickey donuts (just three donuts toothpicked together), Helper Munchkin woke up yesterday with a croupy cough, Aunt Flo came to visit...so yeah, let's go on vacation!

Wish us luck and enjoy the scheduled posts I have lined up for you this week (I even snuck in a tutorial).

What? I couldn't leave you high and dry...I love you all too much. Buh bye for now...


  1. And you know I checked to see if maybe you'd sneak one more in!!!!!! You crazy girl!!! Have a fabulous time!!! See you when you get back!!!!

  2. you totally and completely ROCK! thanks for thinking of us.

    Safe travels & have a moste spectacular time!!


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