Unfortunately Jen...

Jen Duncan popped by my blog recently, and while I was browsing hers I read about some Google fun. Lord knows I shouldn't be messing around on the computer as much as I do, but since I was already there I decided to try it out for myself.

Type "unfortunately Jen" (just substitute your name) and see what comes up. I actually felt a little depressed after this exercise so I type in "surprisingly Jen" next. It gave me a giggle and lifted my spirits.

Here are the results...drum roll, please!

Unfortunately Jen...

Unfortunately, Jennifer looks like she is stuck in a 1980’s time warp! (now, that's just mean!)

Unfortunately, Jenny is possessed by Muriel's ghost. (that explains a LOT)

Unfortunately, Jen knows nothing about computers. (um, okay that's true)

Unfortunately, Jennifer seems to have replaced her ex-lover with a 62-year-old stalker. (great.)

Unfortunately Jen is no longer with us. (I'm getting depressed.)

Unfortunately, Jen is also quite small and could easily be harmed. (I'm feeling feeble.)

Unfortunately, Jen often forgets her bills because she doesn’t even open them up. (Yeah, so?)

Unfortunately, Jen never did find a suitable substitute for either ice cream or cheese and ended up eating two whole boxes of fat-free cookies in one day (Okay, now this is getting scary! Is someone out there watching me?!)

Unfortunately, Jen was not only pregnant, but allergic to the dog. (now that sucks.)

Unfortunately Jen and I went through the same situation. She married an ass. (I'm so blue...)

Unfortunately, Jen said, "metaphor" when she meant, "simile," (No, not that!)

Unfortunately Jen has a stress fracture on the hip . (It's probably because I'm so small and easily harmed.)

Unfortunately, Jen died two weeks ago (Alright, I can't take it anymore!)

Let's pick it up around here before I jump out of the nearest window!

Surprisingly Jen...

Surprisingly, Jen wasn't interested in partaking of my placenta

Surprisingly, Jen was sent home for making the 'clumsy' bread

Surprisingly, Jen complained about the camel's smell and eventually having to drink the milk.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!


  1. This was a cool post. I tried it and although there were a number of funny ones to choose from, I picked this one to share:

    "Unfortunately, Craig carries some misunderstandings and misgivings about biological evolution."

    LOL. Cool!

  2. I just have to say I can't stand when any of my favorite people are away...I love having everyone all tucked into their lives here at home and knowing they are safe and sound....to have all of your posts appear every day is tricking me into thinking you're home....hope you're having a blast with the boys....and I will try the Unfortunatley thing :)


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