Can I Share My Worst Nightmare?

Sitting in this chair.

In the same vein (to avoid looking like this), I got this message in my Flickr account mailbox today, (referring to one of the photos in my 365 day self-portrait challenge set):

womansday.com would love to post your photo of "59/365"

My name is Nelson and I'm the graphic designer and photo editor for womansday.com and we are doing a feature on Most Unique Gym Classes and we would love to post your photo of "59/365" we would be more then happy to give you full photo credit on our site for your photo if your willing to share it with us. Please feel free to contact me at nc***les@h**us.com or 21*-767-58*5. (I changed some stuff to protect the innocent)


Thank you so much for your time
hope to hear from you soon.

So, here we are, my beloved kickboxing class, about to be famous:

Oh, and not to be a snob...but I really hate when people misspell "you're" and "your" - can you find it in his message???

You can check out my progess here (I'm on day 117 already!): Jennifer Juniper 365


  1. I found it - but I was surprised that I missed it the first time through - I'm really a stickler for things like that - also then should be than - but maybe that was just a typo...

  2. You crazy girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad it wasn't a "sandwich" day :) And I too can't stand those mix-ups either....there and their drive me nuts!

  3. OK the pics scared me. I've GOT to join a gym. I've had AWESOME results in the past doing kickboxing at home. Question though for those of you that do it: what kind of shoes do you wear? The last time I gave it a whirl, my knees and shins were killing me. I think I need better shoes to absorb the impact.

  4. So, what the heck? Are you a vampire or do I need another cuppa coffee? It's like; the camera is aimed straight at the mirror but I don't see you (or anyone) in the position that would be reflected. Go ahead and tell me if I'm being dumb. I can take it!
    Love your 365 idea. It's fun looking through your pictures.

  5. You are everyhwere! Destined for fame, my friend! And, just to ring in on the whole mis-spelling thing: your, you're, to, too, two, thru, lite, nite, basically anything that is just plain spelled wrong out of laziness or used in the wrong context makes me nuts.

  6. Over from SITS.

    How cool to get some credit where credit is due!

    I wish we had a gym where I live - even though right now I have no time to use it. I would drive by it and think about it though.... :)

  7. lolol... that's a surprise to see when I first opened the window. Congrats on the picture selection! Kickboxing looks fun and empowering =D!

  8. Kickboxing rocks. Sweet. Dude, like so many others said, I need to join a gym...

    Go Pirates!!!

  9. I'm loving your (that's the right spelling, right?! lol) high kick! What a thing to be famous for!

  10. very cool. did you realize he also used "then" instead of "than" also. if there is one thing i am good at (besides giving birth) it's grammar. lucky me, that'll get me far.


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