A Fun Spring Centerpiece

I saw something similar on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens this month and had to come up with my own twist. I love the organic look of it and the fact that you could make the entire project from recycled or natural materials.


Paper egg carton
Empty egg shells
Small flowers or plants

Using a knife, crack the eggs in the upper 1/3 of the shell. Hit it sharply to remove the top cleanly then pour the egg into a bowl. I started saving my shells about a week before I began this project. After my husband saw the project he said "I wondered why you've been force-feeding us eggs for a week!"

Using a large carton (18 eggs) I cut it in half to form a square planter. I filled some of the spaces with egg shells filled with soil, and the remaining spaces soil only.

A nice nature walk in the woods turned up fresh grass sprouting and green moss. I spent about $1.69 at Lowe's for a six-pack of pansies to jazz it up. I LOVE moss, so it played a large roll in my finished project.

To dress it up for the Easter table, try using one of those ceramic egg dishes we all have hanging around to use once a year.

I may start some seeds in the remaining shells, like mini-planters. I should be able to put the entire shell into the ground when the seed is ready to go outside. I'll let you know how it works.

Happy Spring!

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  1. I've been looking at that same cover for a week!!!!!!! I just haven't gotten the "umph" to do it!!!...yours turned out really cute!!!


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