You Messy Girls! (+ one man)

I knew you would come through for me! I feel a kinship with each of you now that I've peeked into your messes and realize that we are all perfectly normal (Those clean women? Whack-jobs.). Just bask in the messes with me, won't you?

And, it has become clear to me, thanks to Brightfish, that I have been going about it all wrong. Look at her fool proof cleaning methods below:

Damn! If I'd been cleaning like THAT all these years, The Big Guy wouldn't care WHAT the house looked like! House? What house?

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the winner of the "Boring Women Have Clean Houses" stick-it-to-the-man plaque iiiiiiissssss......Super Ninja Mommy

Congrats, girl, I can just smell that curdled milk now. I will be contacting you soon!

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