Feedback Friday

1. Stand IN line or ON line?

2. Guard rails or Guide rails?

3. Go to Prom or to THE Prom?

4. Rubber bands or Gum bands?

5. Soda or Pop?

6. Sneakers or Tennis shoes?

7. Groceries: GROSS-eries or GROSH-eries?

8. Vacuum or Sweep?

Just wondering...


In line, guard rails, the prom, rubber bands, pop, sneakers, gross-eries, vacuum

Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. In line because you're not standing on top of it

    guard rails because they keep you from falling into a ditch and don't guide you where to go

    the prom because it's an event to go to not a thing you do

    rubber bands (I didn't even know people said gum bands)

    soda because I'm from NY

    sneakers because I don't even play tennis

    gross-eries because that's just how it's pronounced

    sweep and swiffer because I have hardwood floors

  2. In line (but I usually just "butt" in front of someone else! jk), guard rails , the prom, rubber bands, soda, neither tennis shoes nor sneakers...kicks!, grosH-eries (and yes, I know it's wrong), vacuum

    Here's one for you Jen, pronouncing hammock: hamMOCK (emphasis on MOCK) or ham-uhk. My husband and I always argue about this...I say haMOCK (and even though deep down I know it's wrong, I'll never admit that to him!)

    Happy weekend!

  3. PS: the prom pic is cracking me up...have you see people posting about their own proms back in their high school "glory days"? I would love to see yours. Check out http://julia-transition.blogspot.com/2009/05/ten-years.html...just a thought. :)

  4. I love your Feedback Friday. The last one on the neighborhood kid still makes me think.


    In line.
    Guard rails.
    The Prom.
    Tennis shoes.

    I'm always caught in the middle with the gum bands/rubber bands and pop/soda debate. You see, I'm from Pittsburgh, but I now live in Cleveland. They say those one way there and one way here. It always makes for a fun conversation...

  5. easily amused, here. :)

    IN line
    guard rails
    THE prom
    rubber bands
    sweep (no rugs, so no vacuum)

    what fun will you have for us next Friday?!?

  6. mine are all the same as your but groceries.
    but those are good questions!!!!!!
    thanks for stopping by!!!!

  7. Missy! We have all the same answers! Does that mean we pass and get a treat??!! :)

  8. I was going to list out my answers, but upon checking yours I realized they were the same as my own. So instead, I'll just say that I agree. :-)

    Fun post!

  9. In
    Just prom
    Rubber bands
    Soda (although regionally I should call it pop, but I don't)
    Tennis shoes (I hate the word sneakers)

  10. When I moved back to the South from the Midwest, I drove my sister crazy calling it pop, because in the South, everything is coke.

    "Do you want a Coke?"
    "What Kind?"
    "I'll take a Dr. Pepper."

    I'm not kidding. :)

  11. in line
    guard rails
    the prom
    rubber bands (never heard of gum bands)
    and for this one....neither!!!!!!!!!! We call them running shoes here!

    Oh and you left one off:
    In the hospital or in hospital?

  12. You got them all right except for pop... everyone knows it's soda ;)

  13. OMG -- i love this post. this is the kind of minutia that i dig. :) my answers mostly match yours except i say soda. while i'm sharing, do overused quotation marks make you laugh? they make "me" laugh for sure.

    nice to find your delightful blog.


  14. i'm with you on everything except for the soda. and cyn...we only call them running shoes if they are specifically made for running, everything else is a sneaker.


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