Feedback Friday

I don't have any really pressing questions for you today...so let's play Would you Rather! Ready?

Would you rather...

A) Have the ability to silence with a stare


B) Goose with a wink?

My answer? Dude, I'm a MOM, I already silence with a stare! So...

In this vein I went Etsy searching and found this:


Alice and the Owl

Fearless Freak

Girly Girl Originals

Have a great weekend!


  1. hi stopping in from sits! I would like to silence with a stare so I could get my kids to behave without raising my voice lol!

  2. Stopping in via SITS -- Love the Grey Goose idea --- hmmmmm

    thx for chkin me out -



  3. Eesh! Perhaps I will learn to silence with a stare...goosing with just a wink would take all the fun out of the act! (jk)And could I love Etsy any more?! I must have a little girl soon so I can partake in the adorable dresses...ugh!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I am glad I am not the only one who has kids with sleeping issues. I am happy to report that my daughter has gotten on the same scheduel as my son thanks to no naps this week...YES! I do have my sleep together sometimes though, it does help.

    I would choose the second option as well :)! Have a great weekend!


  5. Wish they made adult versions of that dress in the last picture!! I pretty much can already silence with a stare as well, so I guess goose with a wink-- I am a terrible winker!

  6. That was the first thing I thought of too-Mom's already know that trick! I love your book exchange party! I'll be linking.


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