I finally finished the backdrops for my son's production of "The Jungle Book". All seemed to be running along smoothly until it was time for transport. My smallish SUV wasn't big enough so I had to recruit a neighbor with a mammoth Expedition.

I weasled my way into an Etsy treasury this week called "We Are Family". That was cool.

I recently saw this T-Mobile commercial and for some reason it caused a lump in my throat. Many songs and displays of fellowship bring out that reaction in me. I discovered that it is something Waterstone and I have in common - hymns, Christmas songs, and patriotic songs make us cry. Now, a Christmas song IN church??? The National Anthem at a football game??? Forget about it, let the waterworks begin!

Speaking of sing-alongs, yesterday was Mother's Day Tea at Kindergarten, and I got to be Queen for the Day - complete with a crown! The kids entertained us with several songs

Then served us a lovely snack of cookies, crackers and cheese

Then gave us lots of handmade gifts, including my crown, along with hugs and kisses. It was a pretty good day.

I have a fun idea for Mother's Day. If you can't be with your mom on that day, you could plan ahead and hide a gift for her in her house during an earlier visit. Make sure it's someplace she'd never look. Then you could hide clues around, starting under the computer printer. She could follow the clues to her gift. Yeah.

No, seriously, Mom...go check under the printer!


This caused me nightmares all night:


  1. I like the gift hunt idea--very cool!!

  2. Love the Jungle Book backgrounds! So creative! And Happy early Mother's day! What a fun Tea Party...

  3. the backgrounds are beautiful. how fun is a tea party! i love that! looks like it was a good time.

  4. Awesome Jungle Book backgrounds and congrats on the etsy page! You and your little prince sure make a cute couple! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. thanks for swinging by my blog. love your frames and all your graphics. do you do them yourself?

    p.s. great little scavenger hunt for mom. happy mothers day!!

  6. Jen, this was a great post. I loved the picture of you with crown. Very sweet. I hope you have a great Mother's Day. And yes, Danny Gokey and that scream caused cringes (sp?) at our house as well. Although I still think he'll have the votes to get past tonight.

  7. You are so talented. Love the look of your website also. I agree, the Danny Gokey scream was pretty frightening.
    Thanks for the wonderful comment on my site. Glad to hear there are parents out there who agree. Stop back again!

  8. What an amazing back drop for the Jungle Book!!!

    Stopping by from John Deere.


  9. The MAMMOTH SUV is owned by me also LOL! Your blog is darling-love your etsy shop!

  10. *shame* phone commercials make me cry all the time...

  11. would you believe I sang along with the sing-a-long? :) true.

    love the mom's day crown ... all mom's ought to have one as lovely.

  12. Sorry my video scared you!

  13. Miss!!!! I lllooovve your tiara!!! I wish I had the same one!! You need to bust it out on days when you really feel the need!! :)


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