What is it Wednesday.

Can you figure out what this intricate design is? Hint: It's entirely natural.

It's the underside of a piece of rotting bark my kids peeled off a tree!

The boys were fascinated by the paths and impressions that the little creatures left behind on the underside of this piece of bark. They stared at it then ran off to gather all they could find to display in their tree house.

Wouldn't it be lovely framed? I might let it dry then brush on a finish to bring out the colors and mount it in a shadowbox...maybe after a good spray with Seven insecticide though.


  1. stopping by from SITS!!!!!!
    oh my gosh......I LOVE your work!!!!!!
    i will be back!!!!!

  2. That is so gorgeous, and the colour is so fantastic. It would look great framed.

  3. it looks super cute and i totally would see it framed in a shadowbox but good point on the anti insecticide spray.
    Happy Wednesday!

    (fellow SITS here)

  4. I think you should frame it and sell in on eBay Jennifer!

    But I do agree that the design was amazing.

  5. nature is an amazing artist... that's so weird because I was looking at photos of nature patterns on national geographic... the pictures are so gorgeous and of mundane items you never really looked at...

  6. That is awesome! And if you don't use it, I bet a teacher would love to have it. BTW, the Gator is in the mail and should arrive in a few days. Sorry it took me so long. I hope your boys haven't been driving you TOO crazy!!

  7. ... and to think when I first saw it, thought it was some wild aerial view of a someplace ... do love the intricate designs & agree that it would look terrific framed.


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