I Have a Winner! Cupcake Charm Giveaway

Have you been thinking about your cupcake charm contest entry? Wondering if I forgot since my kids are off from school and we're having so much summer fun? Were you worried?

How could I forget about you? I have my winner! I used my handy dandy random number generator and you won't believe what she picked (I know it's a she because of the winner she picked)

Yay lucky #4! Who is #4, you ask? Well, it's Jen from The Greffet Family blog, a frequent commenter here. I couldn't be happier! You should check out her little guy, Jack, you know he's invented his own hairstyle...a Jack-hawk!

Congratulations, Jen! I'll be in touch.


  1. Shut up! Oh I love winning Jen! (smile) And thanks for the shoutout! w00t!

  2. big congratulations to Jen ... she definitely appears to be thrilled to be the lucky girl. :)


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