On This Day...

13 Years ago I was a girl in love with a boy.

I was dressed in white, unsure of how to do my make-up, worried about my hair, nervous, excited, fiddling with the new string of pearls I'd found hidden under my pillow. I was worried about walking in heels and stuffing tissues in my bra. I needed those tissues that day (and the videographer captured me fishing around in there for them). I was sweating and bouncing and floating and dizzy and afraid. I was happy and crying and laughing and crying. I was shaking and twirling, and dancing, and spinning. Hugging and laughing and kissing and laughing, and laughing, and laughing...

I was in a fairy tale this day 13 years ago, I played the princess. I wore the dress, the veil, the shoes. There were rings and vows and toasts and cake. I promised that day and kissed and planned and hoped. I met my prince and he swept me away, a girl still growing up. He cared for me, protected me, helped me, encouraged me, lifted me, supported me...loved me.

I was in a fairy tale this day, I wrote it, I planned it, I changed it. In my story the princess was a brunette, blue eyes, crazy, quirky, funny, happy.

So many dreams on that day as we danced...

The sun shone, birds sang, friends came, music played. It was a Wonderful World.

And the dream lives on...

Happy anniversary, babe.


  1. And it's a beautiful day for a romp around the yard in your wedding dress! Happy Anniversary!

  2. That looks like a gorgeous day, and I love your description of it. You two make a very cute couple. Happy anniversary! What kind of romantic plans do you have?

  3. Happy Anniversary! I think you need a Honeymoon-iversary so you can take a break on a beach!

  4. No plans right now, but will probably try to split for a night once school is out and babysitters are plentiful. Thanks!

  5. Congratulations! What a beautiful tribute to your marriage. Of course, those boys you right about all of the time are the best tribute!

  6. Happy anniversary. Mine was yesterday:) Visiting from SITS

  7. How sweet!!! Happy Anniversary!! We're celebrating 13 years in November this year also. Do something fun!!

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  9. You definately looked like a princess! Happy Anniversary! Popped in from SITS to say hi!

  10. thank you for sharing such a beautiful fairy tale ... Happy Anniversary!

  11. The Big Guy is soooo lucky to have you as his princess!!! Happy Anniversary.....have fun celebrating!! :)

  12. I'm sorry that I missed this when you first posted it. I was backlogged on my blog reading.

    Happy Belated Anniversary.

    Go Pens!!!


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