Summer Blogging Schedule

As you know, my kidlets are home for the summer. I am having fun with them, keeping them busy, taking them on trips, cleaning up their messes, and still working my business...something has to give. Yep, it's the blogging.

I have a LOT to say ALL the time, but for the summer I'm going to have to cut my 7 days per week blogging schedule down a bit. I will try to keep up with Tutorial Tuesday and Feedback Friday as they are my two most popular features. For the rest, I will fill in when I have time.

One of the new things I will be doing this summer is taking you into my home a bit more. I want to show you all the little touches I've come up with here and there and hopefully give some inspiration. So, sit back, enjoy the summer and I will see you when I see you.


  1. sigh...I'm sad BUT, very pumped to get a glimpse into your home! I need decorating ideas, Lady! :)

    Enjoy your family-time!

  2. I've been wondering how you've been keeping up with it all. Everything has seemed to come to a halt at my house!

  3. Bummer! But as a mom to a little guy myself, something's got to give!

    Have a great summer!

  4. I'm right there with you sister!!!! I have tons of ideas and things to say....but I'm going to do what I can do!!!! Have fun!!


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