Tutorial Tuesday: Cupcake Charms (and Giveaway)

Do you have a friend? Does she love cupcakes? Is she having a birthday? We do.

You could make some cupcake charms and turn them into cute gifts. You and your girlfriends could take her out to dinner to give them to her. We did.

Let's make some cupcake charms!


Shrinky dink plastic
sharpie marker
acrylic paints
hole punch


Begin with a sketch of a cupcake, (or a print out of a cupcake). Mine is about 1 1/2 x 3 inches.

Lay the shrinky dink plastic, rough side down, on top and trace with the sharpie:

Paint the cupcake on the rough side, use imperfect swirls and leave some spaces uncolored (I just think it looks cooler, dude) If you want sprinkles, you better paint them first, remember to do this backwards since the smooth side is "up":

Cut it out, baby!

Punch a hole...think first...Do you want earrings? Better punch the hole at the top. Wine(coffee, hot chocolate, juice) charms? Better punch a hole at the bottom. Bracelet charms? You decide:

Shrink 'em girl! Just follow directions, use your toaster oven...no biggie. Have a dish handy to set on top of them when they come out to flatten them good. This is cute stuff:

Add them to earring hoops to wear as jewelry:

Attach the earrings to a wine glass (or coffee cup, or hot chocolate, or juice):

Use the extras to make a book mark (slip it between the pages of a leftover book from your book party):

You could pick her up in a car decorated with her name and covered in cupcakes:

You could decorate the inside with banners and streamers:

You could make her smile when she realizes how special she is to all of you:

You could take her to the Big Italian Throwdown (or Smackdown as we began to refer to it) at Enrico's.(highly recommended)

(GirlInTheSticks, Joybeadworks, TheTreatGirl, JenniferJuniper, MarzipanMom)

You could make her a special frame, just for your Treat Girl. It could have a cupcake on it.

You could win some cupcake charms for your own girlfriend (or yourself)...want some? Leave me a comment and tell me about your posse of girls. I will draw a random winner for a set of 6 cupcake charms.

I'll give you until June 11th (in honor of my kids' last day of school). So, let's have it!


  1. Miss......thank you again for making me feel soooo special!!! The evening was truly wonderful!!! And I loooovvvvveddd all of my treats!!!!

  2. Love this! Just found your blog through SITS. I have never thought about using shrinky dinks to make charms. What a great idea!

    I am acutally sitting here thinking, "Why isn't it Wednesday." Because I am off for a shopping day with my girlfriends and I can't wait.

  3. Who can resist a cute cupcake anything? You're a true artist no matter what the medium is!

  4. Love the cupcake charms. I know you've been called the "Shrinky-Dink-Queen", and I've never even used them before...so apparently I need to get on it!

    Thanks for the tutorials!

  5. You must remember: You and your "posse" ARE my virtual girlfriends, since I have none of my own!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. They are cuter than I remember. I didn't get a good look at them the other night.

  7. You are a great friend! I think it's so sweet that you went ALL out to make sure that "the treat girl" had an awesome day. I love the way your cupcakes turned out, and the frame is absolutely precious.

    The kids here in Tulsa have already started their summer breaks. I love seeing excited kiddos running around my apartment complex, racing each other to the pool. Summer is the best.

  8. My gal pals are my mom and sister. And, fortunately, the sis LOVES cupcakes as much as me!

  9. Me & my peeps all have TONS of little cupcakes running around. We all have 5 or more kids-we just have that (we're psycho to have more than 3 kids) Large family magnetism that has drawn us together. Love your CUPCAKES!

  10. yours is a gaggle of girls extraordinaire and that looked like a super fun night. :)

    unfortunately, mine is scattered from here to there and even further, so getting all of us together at one time is no simple task ... but when it happens, Life is REALLY good.

  11. Those are so cute. I love cupcakes. G/f's are the best. I have some really great friends from years ago (for 33 years, 1 of them)& newish friends too. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com

  12. Ooooh! Love it! I so hope I win....I've been planning a cupcake decorating party for my daughter's 7th birthday!!!!!


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