It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame

The sun is shining, it's a comfortable 70 degrees...let's go to a ballgame!

No matter the Pittsburgh Pirates' win/loss record, it is a beautiful stadium for a Sunday afternoon ballgame. Pack up your kids and let's hit the city...

We're going to take you to Family Day at the ball park. Sign the waiver, get your hand stamped and lets get some balloon swords and race on an inflatable obstacle coarse. If you have time you can jump in the bounce house, get an autograph or get your face painted for the big game. Oh, by the way...it's all free. They shut down an whole street for us. Yep, that's how we roll in Pittsburgh. (Oh, and the guy in the dark gray t-shirt behind the kids and his wife are drinking giant "pounders" of Iron City beer holding their kid on a leash. They tried to make the sister lead him through the obstacle course while on the leash, but the operators made them remove it. No kidding.)

Now, let's go in and get our replica batting helmets as a souvenir. Family day is a great day for a giveaway at the door, and really, who couldn't use an extra replica batting helmet (or three)?
Pose for a picture on the ramp up to your seats or mom will make the rest of your afternoon miserable:

Let's sit down and begin eating everything in sight. For the kids it's nachos, hot dogs, hot pretzels, and cotton candy. For the adults, it's Primanti Brothers sandwiches filled with french fries and coleslaw. Listen for the vendors who work every game, "Coors Light!", "Ice cold Bud Lite here!" and "I'm a lady!" (he's really saying "lemonade here" but it really does sound like "I'm a lady!" You will laugh, trust me.)

Watch a little ball, then all of a sudden...what is that? It looks like giant pierogies, and they're running...as if they're racing...

Yes, only in Pittsburgh can you see potato filled pasta race each other. Lean over as they pass to slap them high five for a race well run. Oliver Onion, Jalapeno Hanna, Cheese Chester, and Sauerkraut Sol are celebrities around here:

If you have a loud mom, have her yell "I love you, Hanna!" and she will turn around and wave to you.

Watch a little more ball then look for the pirate to begin shooting hot dogs into the stands. Wave your arms and scream! Here comes one!

Alright, we're full and tired and ready to head home. Follow dad on out the gate:

Pose for a final picture with Pittsburgh legend, Roberto Clemente

And head on over the Roberto Clemente bridge back over to the city. They closed it just for you to walk on, you know. Only the best for you.

Man, it was a great day for a ballgame. What is happening in your hometown? Join Centsational Girl to see other hometown stories



  1. What a great day out! I always wondered how you got your kids to pose so nicely for pictures..now I know the secret!

  2. Great documentary work there Ms.Junniper...I too have always wondered how you got such great pictures of your kids...mine refuse every time..."oooohhh no!! Not for your blog!!!!"

  3. i keep hearing how awesome The 'Burg is, it makes me want to visit.. or move because frankly I'm tired of it being 3000 degrees outside

  4. What a sweet photojournalistic documentary of a fab day at the ball park!

    I'm going next week - first time I've seen a Pirates game in many, many eons!

  5. You've got to love Pittsburgh! When I was in college one of our end of semester parties at my sorority was a Pittsburgh theme. Four of the girls dressed up as the perogies and had their own race.

  6. What a fun weekend!! Thanks for sharing
    Stop by for a visit sometime. :)

  7. I don't typically even enjoy sporting events, and that STILL looks like fun! Your boys are such cuties. I smiled to myself when I read about the guy and the leash, because I know how you love seeing parents use them and all... :-)

  8. We were just in Pittsburgh last month! We should have gone to a game!

  9. Wonderful pictures, Jennifer. Wow, I haven't seen that Clemente statue in ages. It seems like it was a great day to be at the ballpark. Let's Go Bucs. Let's Go Bucs. Just like the Indians, they are terrible, but it's fun as hell to be at a game.

  10. Oh, you're killing me, I didn't get to go to a ball game this summer and this is like salt in my wound! OK, perhaps I exaggerate, but there truly is nothing like a good ball game, especially watching such a fantastic team! So happy for you!

  11. Nothing like a beautiful day in a grand stadium! Love the pics...even as a Yankee fan!

  12. I came over from Centsational Girl. I am going to Pittsburgh soon and will be going to a Pirates game! My mil has already bought tickets! Yippee! Despite several trips to Pittsburgh over the last few years I have yet to have Primanti Brothers but it's on the list! Kelly


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