New Moon Trailer

Okay, as much as I hated breaking down and seeing Twilight the movie (it totally broke the spell I was under from the book) I'm on the train and can't get off. I'm actually looking forward to New Moon, because it's the only thing to keep this Twilight love affair alive. Am I alone?

Check out the latest trailer:



  1. Whoa. I'll have to show this to my daughter. She's in love with Jacob. :D

  2. You are definitely not alone! I was completely disillusioned after the movie came out and so disappointed that they trailed so far away from Stephenie Meyer's fantastic novel!

    And yet I am still so hyped for New Moon! It is a new director(and hopefully a smarter one) and I am completely looking forward to it! My friends and I have been planning.. :)

  3. only 67 more days!!! Counting down here in our home!!!


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