H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine - Feedback Friday

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Okay, this Feedback Friday edition is short and simple. As a mom, this debate is raging in nearly every circle I enter...kickboxing class, coffee with the girls, lunch with friends, neighborhood Oktoberfest party, countless emails...

Are you going to get the H1N1 (or Swine Flu) Vaccine for your kids?


Ps.(In unrelated news, I have until the end of the month to wrap up my benefit for Camryn, do you know her story?)


  1. HI Jen.
    First to comment. Wow!
    Okay, here goes. I'm undecided. I have the girls' appts. at the end of the month to get their flu shots. Will I go through with it? Not sure. We get the regular flu shot every year and we will again this year. When it comes to the
    H1N1, I am on the fence. I have heard plenty of good arguments in both directions lately.
    I look forward to reading everyone else's feedback. Perhaps that will help me with my decision.


  2. I'm not sure. Have appt. for the kids to get thier regular flu shots on monday. Mine is today. I plan on asking both Doctor's opinions.

    I do know that the last time they vaccinated for the swine flu in the 70's or 80's, the vaccination caused many deaths/problems. Maybe things have changed significantly since then?

  3. Short answer: YES.

    Long answer: The CDC has made very clear that this thing moves quickly and by the time it can be identified, it is nearly too late. It can look like a common cold and overnight get really bad. There is not one group of people that seems to be more sensitive to it-one recent death included a woman in her 20's, perfectly healthy.

  4. I don't know. I am pretty sure that my daughter and I have already had it, so I don't want to, but on the other hand... it's my daughter. So I want to make sure she is protected. It's hard to decide.

  5. As an Emergency Room Nurse....
    not only will I receive the H1N1 vaccination, my whole family will as well.

    Every vaccination has to be tested by the CDC and meet FDA guidelines. Thousands of people die from influenza every year...I'd rather be protected.

  6. I get a regular flu shot on Monday, as do the people who work for me, but as for the H1N1, I think that I've already had it! I was really ill last week and earlier this week, so I'll have a chat with the Doc first.

  7. Personally, we are not.

    Reasons: Since H1N1 has been declared a Health Emergency and the makers of the vaccine are rushing to make it, they have been declared exempt from any legal ramifications if any problems/serious side effects arrise from it.

    Also, they have only been studying the vaccine since late August (not enough case studies for me).

    Lastly, the vaccine has not been tested on children under the age of 2 or pregnant women.

  8. Not me. I agree with Happy Mama...rushed to market and not tested well enough. Plus I have never gotten a flu shot. Maybe I have an authority problem but anytime someone wants to force or push something on me it makes me question the motivation.
    BTW-what happened to the "bird flu"? Wasn't that going to kill millions?

  9. I'm undecided too..
    I'm not to sure how they're going to arrange for us to have the vaccine here in England.. Everything seems to have settled down.
    I've been trying to avoid reading about swine flu or anything to do with it. It used to make me panic. Em

  10. i am leaning towards NOT getting..for anyone in my family.
    although a case was found at my daughter's school last week...like with any flu...you treat it...you live. we got the reg. flu shot 2 yrs. ago and it made us all sick...i am usually very pro-active on vaccines...but this shot, not so much. rushed to market...not really convinced it's the best option...i read on Dr. Sears that kids over 5 yo. and others that do not have a fragile immune system shouldn't get it...they should be aware of the N1H1 symptoms and go tot the doc. if they are sick with those symptoms....i ahve thought that i should call my daughter's dr. (she's the best!) to chat with her to be better informed and make the best choice...maybe i will do that this afternoon.

  11. Well, my kids both caught swine flu a few weeks ago... and after dealing with it for two weeks non-stop, I sure wish I could have gotten the vaccine for them. On the other hand, all is well now, and they are as healthy as ever...so all's good. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Come back if you would like to read the rest of the post (i think it should show up now)... My sweet dad passed away 4 months ago today, unfortunately!

  12. Absolutely not! (If they were school age it would be different and I would be having the debate with myself about it.) But mine just turned one and there's no way I'm giving them something so new. I however, will probably get it. Since I'm the one that's here with them and I work in a mall. I figure I don't want to get the flu somewhere and bring it home to them.

  13. I don't trust the CDC and the FDA! They advise lots of things for the public and think nothing of the reported deaths because of it, because to them it's only a few. I was just reading that there have been 29 deaths from the Guardisil vaccine, but they still recommend it. I have a 11 yr old daughter, and we're not getting that or the swine flu vaccine. I'd rather deal with the swine flu than problems because they rushed the vaccine onto the market. It's a hard decision to make as a parent. Pray about it.

  14. stopping by from sits to say hello! I love your blog :) I can't believe you have a recipe for Triple Layer Chocolate Stout Cake!! looks sooo good! YUM! Come stop by my blog sometime.

    By the way, I love your little follower saying, it is great.

  15. We're in the "wait and see" department. I've heard that this vaccine is simpler than even the seasonal flu, so that is promising. It's also created in the same manor as the seasonal flu vaccine. Even more promising.

    I have issue with the rush though. Knowing how long it takes to make the seasonal flu vaccine every year, there is a lot of room for error when rushed the way this one was.

    They seem to be saying that the first batches will be given to elderly and young, and that every week after the big rush, there will be even more hitting the market.
    I'm sure it will be okay...but I would still rather wait and see how it's effecting the children before I have Ray vaccinated. It has hit my county pretty hard this past week though...so I hope we at least have the time to see what happens.

  16. I'm on the fence about it and the regular flu shot. If it really were "all that" then why are companies like WalMart spending thousands on commercials. For that matter, why is there even a charge for the shots if they are so necessary? When a Polio vaccine was found it was administered free of charge in schools.

    I don't want to put my kids at risk just to fight corporate greed and propaganda, but I am truly wondering if the vaccines are necessary. Also, there isn't much long term data on the vaccines. Are we the guinea pigs?

  17. I dont like alive virus being shot up my nose!

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  19. Sorry. Let's try that again.
    I just wanted to mention that my girls' school district IS giving the H1N1 vaccine to ALL students and staff at no charge if the families want it. They will be starting in the beginning of November. They also have very definite plans in place for the possibility of having to close down the schools at some point if the H1N1 flu were to become to prevelant in our area. These measure include video conferencing, take home lesson packets, etc.
    If that is something that interests you, I would speak with your district.

  20. As the parent of a 16 year old who just recovered from the swine flu, there is no doubt I would vaccinate my children given the chance. Flu vaccine is not made the way it was in the 70s. Healthy teens have died here and my son was the sickest he has ever been and missed almost 2 full weeks of school. I think it would be irresponsible "not" to get the shots if they are available.

  21. No, my household will not be getting the vaccine.

    Since I have discovered my son has Asperger's, I am very leery of vaccines and putting things in our bodies that we are not 100% sure what it is and what the effects of them are.

    I think this vaccine has come out way too quickly in order for it to have been tested completely; especially since the previous vaccine 20+ years ago caused many problems and deaths.

    IMO, just because the medical community and the CDC says it is okay does not mean that it is.

  22. found this intersting tid bit:from http://www.askdrsears.com/thevaccinebook/labels/Vaccine%20News.asp

    "All infants and children from 6 months through 9 years of age are supposed to get two doses of this vaccine, one month apart (no matter what brand you are using, and you probably shouldn’t switch brands between the two doses). This is needed to generate an adequate immune response. Anyone who is 10 years and older only needs ONE dose."

    I was not aware my daughter would require 2 doses!!

  23. After doing lots of research and reading what is in the H1N1 shot I am not even going to think about getting one or my family. I use to work in a health care facility and was required to get the regular flu shots and always ended up sick after getting them. I run a small family daycare and though may be exposed to every illness the kids can bring here, I'd rather risk the illness instead of the shot.

  24. hmmmmmm, I was on the fence until last night, when my daughter hit day 2 of 102/103 fever with leg aches, headache, and sore throat. We'll all probably get it by the end of the week, and if we do--well, getting the h1n1 vaccination is a moot point for us. Dr. told me last night that she saw 40-50 kids this weekend who have the same symptoms and that it's here in the MD school system we're a part of. boo.

  25. I don't think I will be getting it for my kids...think the 'new' vaccine might be scarier than swine itself.
    stopping in from SITS

  26. My children got the regular flu vaccine but my pediatrician is NOT recommending the swine flu one. It hasn't really been tested that extensively, and my children aren't in the "at risk" category. So I feel comfortable with my decision to NOT have them get the
    H1N1 vaccine.

  27. Hell No to all Vaccinations! Happy SITS - congratulations!

  28. I just don't know either - too much info is the problem. Too many conflicting opinions! If it didn't take 3 mths to see my doctor I'd just ask her instead!


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