I like it. I like it a. lot.

A list of my current obsessions. Don't judge.

People of Walmart. Okay, this website combines the best of all things funny - Walmart freaks combined with funny captions. I usually end up snorting something out my nose when I'm browsing this site. And, to demonstrate, here is a photo of my favorite topic...kids on leashes.

caption: "Let’s, for argument sake, say that I will concede that it’s okay to have your kid on a leash (which it isn’t). Don’t you think it’s time to take the kid off the leash when he starts smoking cigars? Seriously, that kid is like 6′2″ and that monkey is cutting off his circulation! You can’t lose him if he is bringing the car around for you!

Awkward Family Photos Honestly, I don't care what sort of mood I'm in, this website cracks. me. up.

Chewy Sweet Tarts Dude, I will eat these until my mouth is raw. Love them!

My new Swatch! Honey, this isn't the Swatch we all wore in school. She's silver, with green stones in the band. She's boho and bangley and so cool!

HBO's True Blood is my guilty pleasure. I watch it during the day when my kids are in school (God forbid they see this! It's bad!) usually while eating cake or ice cream or something unhealthy. I'm obsessed and couldn't wait to get back to this season. Think of it as Twilight for grown ups. These are the people I pictured while reading that book, not high school kids.

OPI Overexposed in South Beach. This color is rich and purpley (not a word) with a hint of iridescence. Looks great on toes!

This song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon gets in my head and I can sing it all day. It reminds me of my 80's rock with a great chorus and gravely voice.

DIY Tuesday at A Soft Place to Land. My whole week revolves around coming up with something fun to share and then from Tuesday-Saturday I click, click, click! It is so inspiring to see the transformations, great tips, and decorating ideas there. It rocks!


My secret love...Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus is just so fun! Yes, I know I'm about 20 years too old for this song, but it's just so fun and catchy. Come on, don't hate, just dance!

50 First Dates, Man I love this movie...

IZ!!! This song makes me tingle, cry, smile, dream...It's the greatest song ever. No. Ever.

My girls...

My Guys...

What are YOU lovin' these days?



  1. I see People of Walmart is getting more and more popular. LOL
    Happy Monday, SITSa! ;)

  2. I'm lovin a little monday morning ME time!

  3. I haven't checked the links but they are open in a tab ready for browsing. I just wanted to say this was a lovely and uplifting Monday post. Thanks!

  4. Thank goodness you put up a picture of Eric (instead of Bill) for True Blood. I too love the series but the books are much much better. The Sookie Stackhouse series is my love. lol!

  5. I'm loving that hockey season has returned. I've had serious withdrawl during the summer.

    I'm loving the fall weather. I'm so happy to dig out my fuzzy sweaters and sassy knee high boots.

    Because it's fall, I'm loving that I can wear my nearly black nailpolish colors again (my fav will always be Chanel's Vamp!)

    My guilty viewing pleasure is MTV's the Hills. Don't ask. It's just mind fluff, but kinda fun to watch (if I remember it's on). Ahh, to be 20-something again.

    My guys - two male cats, a male dog, my three year old son, and my super handy husband...adore them ALL and I'm appreciating them more and more and more...

  6. Hi Jen.
    I just wanted to stop by and say hello and Happy Monday! I loved this post, btw. Jason and I don't shop at Wal-Mart, so of course we love that website. Any reason to bag on wal-mart makes us freakishly happy! lol.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, girlie.


    P.S. When "Party in the U.S.A." comes on the radio, I tell the kids I'm blasting it for them. Actually it's for me, but it seems less weird if I have the girls in the car. ;)

  7. I love love love Iz's Somewhere Over the Rainbow. He was amazing. So sad that he died so young.

    And that Wal-Mart link is crazy funny! Love it!

  8. Oh, and my guilty pleasure is Sons of Anarchy and sleeping in the daytime. :)

  9. I LOVE that OPI color. I am loving Stampin Up! and the new Fall TV line up.

  10. People of Walmart cracks me up! It also backs up my resolution not to shop there!

  11. Just called over from SITS to say Hi to everyone! That Over The Rainbow brought tears to my eyes! It was just so moving!
    I'm afraid that I don't know anything about Wal-Mart, because I live in England, but I have been around here long enough to have heard all about it!
    It was actually your name that caught my eye as I am related to Donovan, who originally sang the song! My Grandmother and his Mother were sisters!

  12. BTW, visit me at:


    It's a bit mad, but I believe in letting the inner child out!
    Big hugs and Happy Monday!

  13. people of walmart is funny, but i love me some texts from last night! i also LOVE the kings of leon, and i'll be honest, miley cyrus, too. it's quite the contradiction, i know. i also just heard a cool story about how kol got their name. it kinda makes me like them even more, plus i'm pretty sure they are all brothers. any way, they rock!

  14. 50 First Dates in one of my most favorite movies along with the song. Love it!

    I'm loving coffee right now. And really, really late nights that are QUIET!

  15. True Blood is our guilty pleasure too. What an amazing show!

    Just stopping by from SITS :)

    My personal blog:

    My Blog Design Business:

    Nice to meet you!

  16. What great things to LOVE! I would have to agree with awkward family photos and chewy sweet tarts! Now I need to check out the people of walmart site!

  17. those chewy sweet tart balls (whatever you want to call them) are one of my favorites!

    oh, and i love the opi color too :)

  18. Walmart is one of the best places on earth to people-watch. And "True Blood" is awesome - and yeah, definitely not for kids.

    My vice is Netflix these days. I am constantly updating my queue with new movies and race home every single day at lunch and/or stay up very late at night watching all the movies and TV shows my wife refuses to see. Don't laugh - my current interest - Dallas (yes, back from the 80's). I'm in season 11!

  19. I'm lovin' that all of my favorite shows are new again....Grey's, Castle, The Mentalist, and Brothers and Sisters....ps...I LOooooooovve your new blog look!!!

  20. Happy SITS day! I love "TRUE BLOOD"!!! Talk about GUILTY PLEASUTE. Those vamps are yummy!

  21. I'll tell you what I'm loving. I am loving your blog!

    (Happy SITS day, by the way.)

  22. Freaky. Are we long lost twins? I totally relate.

    Party in the USA - YES!
    Kings of Leon - YES!
    People of Walmart - YES!

    (Have you check out FML.com? That's another good one.)

  23. Oh, and the Brother Iz song is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!

  24. Stopping by from SITS!

    This post is GREAT!! It's got me thinking about all of the things I love...

    Will be back!


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