Christmas Tea

One of the Christmas traditions we have in my neighborhood is spending the afternoon together at the Johnston House Tea Room for "tea". Want to come along? Okay, hold up your pinkie in a most elegant way and let's go!

Here is the front...you won't believe what is beyond this door!

Lovely table settings in beautiful Christmas-y rooms:

The most gorgeous snow-flocked tree trimmed in silver and white. You've never seen such a thing. My indoor photos don't do it justice:

Amazing vignettes with all sorts of Christmas decor displayed. Let's buy our ornament for the neighborhood ornament exchange party here!

Now, turn the corner to see the "tea room". Beautiful gold chairs with mismatched antique tea pots and china:

The snacks are served in the traditional way, savory tea sandwiches on the bottom, scones with clotted cream and jam in the middle and sweets on top:

While you are laughing and chatting and feeling so civilized...try not to notice you are the youngest group in the building by 20 years!


  1. What a fun tradition! The tea room is lovely! I wish we had something like that where I live!

    I hope your Christmas week is off to a great start!!


  2. I love all the neat and fun traditions you have!

  3. Wish I could have been there having tea with you. What a lovely place.

  4. I haven't done that in years! It looks like a great tradition. LOVE the last comment - kinda true. :)

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  6. How NEAT! This place looks absolutely magical. I'm dead-set on having tea there someday. I think the sweet little old ladies are onto something. ;-)

  7. How fun to experience a real tea! We did it last year, but it wasn't a real tea room, in any sense of the word. Just a coffee shop whose owners are British. No ambience such as this! Have a Merry Christmas.

  8. My mother-in-law introduced me to the joys of high tea. I love it and my children do too. We are taking them to tea with Mrs. Claus in our little town's tea room this week. This tea room is stunning!

  9. What a beautiful place. Can I join you next year?

  10. Oh my goodness! What an amazing place! I'm sure that have tea there is quite the experience. Lovely.

    I wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas, Jen.


  11. How lovely. I adore sharing high tea with my Mom and sister! The hubs isn't so much down for it. Ah ha ha

  12. Just coming by to catch up. Fun Santa stories to tea room fun.
    It sounds like Christmas was magical.

  13. Oh my goodness!!! I'm new to your blog...just stumbled here a few days ago. So I'm just browsing past posts and thought this place looked vaguely familiar. Sure enough, I've had tea there!! Eons ago (okay, only eleven years) my husband and I lived a few short years in Cranberry Twp. What a fun reminder of a snippet of time from my past!!


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